About Us


About Nurture Education Group

Nurture Education Group (‘Nurture’) is one of Singapore’s largest preschool operator with over 15 years of experience in the early childhood education sector. Backed by a highly educated and experienced management team, we aim to ignite a child’s passion for learning.

We, at Nurture, believe that every child deserves the chance to benefit from quality education at an affordable price during his formative years. We aim to nurture well-balanced learners by providing them with a quality education programme that is enhanced by an exciting portfolio of premium enrichment programmes delivered by experts in their respective domains. These programmes have been specially selected to cultivate board and meaningful learning experience that will prepare children holistically.

Our Mission

To be the best in class preschool group in developing well-balanced children through the nurturing of beautiful and inquisitive minds.

Our Brands

Nurture operates over 30 childcare centres, kindergartens and student care centres under four brands namely, ‘Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse’, ‘Pibo’s Garden Playschool’.










Located within the urban areas in close proximity to central Singapore, Kiddiwinkie is known as a premium preschool brand offering first-class childcare support and early childhood programmes.


Located within the sub-urban areas of western Singapore, Pibo’s Garden Playschool is a well-known brand popular among the expatriate community.


Targeted at families living in the heartlands and sub-urban areas of Singapore, Little Footprints Preschool provides affordable childcare services.


As leading operator of student care services, we work with Primary Schools in Singapore to jointly serve the needs of working parents. We do this by creating a holistic and home-like environment for students to rest and relax when parents are busy at work.









Pre-modern Jazz Dance is taught as a programme to combine rhythm, expression and technique using the body as an instrument to interpret the various styles.


FIITercise (Fun, Inspirational, Interactive Training) introduces young children to sports and helps them develop a love for an eclectic range of activities to carry on through their later years.


Artsy Fingers is a literature-based art programme that consists of fun and engaging lessons for children age 18 months to 12 years old. Children are thought to reference movie themes, nursery rhymes, poems and storybooks to create their art pieces.



Our Philosophy

  • We aim to meet the needs of our young learners by providing a safe, secure, stimulating and fun environment in which they can develop holistically.
  • We believe that we can grow hearts and minds by instilling a strong sense of respect and civic consciousness to promote social responsibility.
  • We are committed to providing children with opportunities for learning through meaningful play as we engage them and nurture their abilities and talents.
  • We strive to develop confident communicators and independent thinkers through active engagement and supportive educators.
  • We value and support all staff and continually work on developing their strengths so that they can deliver the best quality care.
  • We believe that a child thrives best with the support of families, and we aim to foster a close collaborative relationship with parents to support children of diverse backgrounds.