About Us

About Nurture Education Group

Nurture Education Group (‘Nurture’) is one of Singapore’s largest preschool operator since 2003. Backed by a highly experienced and dedicated management team, we aim to ignite a child’s passion for learning.

We believe that every child deserves the chance to benefit from quality education at an affordable price during his formative years. We aim to nurture holistic learners by providing them with a quality education programme that is enhanced by an exciting portfolio of premium enrichment programmes delivered by experts in their respective domains.

These programmes have been specially selected to expose our children to broad and meaningful learning experiences that will prepare them not only academically, but also in developing social and emotional skills.

Our Vision

Nurture Education Group is committed to the pursuit by cultivating self-confidence, resilience and a passion for learning.

Our Mission

We strive to build and strengthen the foundation of education through cultivating and building meaningful purposely learning relationships, promoting purposeful learning and effective communication. In doing so, we desire to build confident lifelong learners, who have the necessary tools for success in the 21st century.

Our Philosophy

  • We respect the authenticity of each child, and strive to allow the individual's unique qualities to shine. 

  • We believe that we can grow hearts and minds by instilling a strong sense of respect and civic consciousness to promote social responsibility.
  • We value and support our staff members, and advocate their personal and professional development
  • We believe in the importance of involving the families and engaging the community.

Our Corporate Values

Our values are represented by the acronym “SMILE” because your smile will bring a smile to others! We uphold the following core values at Nurture:

S – Self-Reflective
M – Mutual Respect
I – Integrity
L – Love & Passion
E – Excellence