Our Brands

Nurture operates over 30 childcare centres, kindergartens and student care centres under four brands.

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse


Believing that curiosity is the first step to learning, Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse adopts an inquiry-based approach towards early childhood education, balancing play and school-readiness.

Our young chargers go on an interactive and investigative learning journey to ignite their curiosity and creativity as they become constructors of knowledge through exploration and discovery. Nurturing resilient leaders of tomorrow, our children acquire competencies and global awareness to be ready for future challenges.

Bagged several awards through the years, Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse allows the children to develop their love for learning by experiencing it through fun and imaginative ways.



Our duo home-away-from-home schools along Bukit Timah Road foster the children’s love for learning through the natural process of play! Pibo’s Garden Playschool’s unique garden concept aims to not only develop the children through play but also stimulate learning beyond the classrooms.

Popular among the expatriate’s community, Mandarin is also introduced to our children through fun games and interactive story-telling activities to pique and cultivate their interest for the language. By providing a quality, play-based learning for the diverse community of students, Pibo’s create a safe and nurturing home-like environment for every child to foster their creativity, exploration and independence.



Conveniently located in multiple heartland areas around Singapore, Little Footprints Preschool’s comprehensive curriculum focuses on holistic development of children. We cultivate a love for learning and nurture every child into a confident communicator, problem solver and an independent thinker. Our passionate educators inspire children on a journey of discovery by stimulating each child’s imagination and capture the magical moments of learning.

By providing quality and affordable childcare and education services to the community, Little Footprints Preschool has been appointed by the Early Childhood Development Agency’s (ECDA) as an exclusive Partner Operator (POP). Majority of Little Footprints Preschool has also been awarded SPARK since 2015.



Since 2003, Learning Leap Student Care Centre began with a mission to provide the highest standard of student care services, bringing out the leader in every child. Our integrated curriculum focuses on both academics and holistic character development. It aims to support the transition of young learners as they progress into primary school and guide them towards becoming well-rounded future leaders.



Enrichment Programmes



Dancing Toes exposes our children to the various forms and styles of dance – from the foundations of classical ballet, to the modern styles of KPOP and hip hop.



FIITercise (Fun, Inspirational, Interactive Training) introduces young children to sports and aims to instil healthy lifestyle habits and sportsmanship through a mix of indoor and outdoor games.



Artsy Fingers celebrates how every child is an artist because art creation is an individual’s interpretation and expression. Drawing inspiration from literature themes, our children will learn how to use different mediums and art techniques to express their thoughts and creativity!