Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on appropriate developmental milestones, providing opportunities for differentiation as well as meeting the needs of our children.

Overview of curriculum

Key Learning Areas Playgroup Pre Nursery Nursery K1 K2
1) Language, Literacy and Communication

Playing with sounds and learning to express through verbal and non-verbal cues

Learning to use words to express emotions, needs and wants appropriately

Using language purposefully and successfully

Identifying and understanding letter-word relationships

Communicating ideas and feelings effectively through a variety of mediums

2) Numeracy

Numeracy Strands: Patterns and Functions, Numbers, Shapes, Space and Colours, Measurement, Data Handling

Learning about relationships of shapes and space and simple mechanical processes

Introduction to simple concepts and basic correspondence

Exploration and manipulation of concepts

Associate concepts to concrete experiences

Recongnise and apply concepts

3) Discovery of the World

Exploration and Appreciation

Exploration and observation of how things work

Channeling inquisitions into investigations

Make connections to the world

Bridging what they know and are capable of knowing

4) Aesthetic and Creative Expression

Exploration through art, music and sensory play

Expression through art, music and sensory play

Experimenting with techniques through arts

Applying techniques to create respresentations

Using a variety of techniques to create various interpretations

5) Social and Emotional Development

Building trust with caregivers for secure relationships

Gaining independence and autonomy through increasing positive self-concept

Learning to self-regulate appropriately establish secure relationships with peers

Understanding benefits of positive relationships to build good character traits

Learning to resolve conflicts amicably with a strong sense of self-identity

6) Motor Skills Development

Establishing a variety of movement and control in large motor coordination and self-help skills.

Increased control, coordination and dexterity in hand-eye and large muscle movements

Gaining mastery and agility in movements

Establishing poise and controlled movements using smaller muscles

Gaining mastery and dexterity in controlled movements using smaller muscles